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100mg / 300mg per capsule


Purchase Brain Builder: We all want to perform our best, but sometimes it can be difficult to do it all on our own. Breaking down old patterns and ways of thinking can be the first step to newer and better solutions. That’s where Brain Builder comes in; to help you build new pathways and find a better you.

Give yourself a cognitive boost with our forest blend; build neural pathways with Lions Mane and fight fatigue with the help of Cordyceps. Perform your best with Brain Builder.

Forest Blend (Psilocybe Cubensis) – 100mg
Lions Mane – 150mg
Cordyceps – 150mg

30 capsules per container

Purchase Brain Builder OVERVIEW

Push the boundaries of your brain with the Think Mushroom brain builder blend and experience superior cognitive function and memory recall. This blend consists of beneficial ingredients that have been tried and tested for years. These handpicked ingredients work in tandem to provide microdosers with enriched benefits that expand your cognitive capability to new heights.

Each capsule consists of a magic mushroom forest blend, Lions Mane, and Cordyceps. According to experts, these all-natural ingredients enhance each other’s function, leading to a myriad of effects, otherwise known as the entourage effect.  These benefits include improved mental capability, coherent thoughts, focus, clarity, and a high sense of well-being. Below is a table indicating the different doses available;

Low psilocybin Dosage Medium psilocybin dosage High psilocybin dosage
100mg Psilocybin Cubensis 200mg  Psilocybin Cubensis 300mg Psilocybin Cubensis
200mg Lions Mane 150mg Lions Mane 100mg Lions Mane
200mg Cordyceps 150 Cordyceps 100mg Cordyceps



Magic mushrooms forest blend: Microdose doses Psilocybin help with brain health, cognitive functions, stress, anxiety, depression, focus, and productivity. Taking low doses of magic mushrooms helps sharpen your mental agility, allowing you to uncover the best version of yourself.

Lion’s mane: This famous nootropic mushroom is widely praised by the author of 6 shroom-related books – Paul Stamets. Lions Mane has multiple benefits to brain health and cognitive function. It helps with brain cell regeneration and strengthening by stimulating the release of the Nerve Growth Factor and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

Cordyceps: This ingredient interacts with human cells and chemicals in the immune system to strengthen the body’s response to pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. The mushroom also facilitates the release of Adenosine Triphosphate, which increases the body’s energy levels. Cordyceps is also thought to possess potent anti-aging properties.


The art of microdosing started a few years ago in the ever-competitive hub of technological discoveries – Silicon Valley. It involves taking minuscule doses of magic mushrooms over a period of time to harness the numerous cognitive, physiological, and physical benefits the shrooms offer. These doses are usually a tenth to a twentieth of an actual psychedelic dose, so consumers do not experience any mind-altering effects.

Blending magic mushrooms with other ingredients makes the product more effective and wholesome. According to Paul Stamets’ microdosing protocol, the microdoses can be taken in the following way;

  • Five days consecutively, then two days off
  • Four days consecutively, then three days off
  • Alternate days, such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, etc.

The breaks in between allow the body to process the mushroom blends effectively for maximum benefits. Additionally, this helps prevent tolerance over time.


According to multiple research studies, magic mushrooms provide numerous therapeutic benefits. Shroom use dates back thousands of years ago, whereby different ancient communities used them for spiritual and medical reasons. Today, shrooms help with anxiety, depression, addiction, and neuroprotection. Small doses (microdoses) foster cognitive function, focus, memory recall, creativity, and improved immunity.


The Think Mushroom brain builder blend comes in a well-packaged, aesthetic container consisting of 25 capsules. The blend is available in 3 doses, as highlighted in the table above. The recommended dose is 100mg Psilocybin Cubensis for new consumers, 200mg for intermediate shroom consumers, and 300mg for regular shroom consumers.


Convenience and discretion: capsules are small in size and hence can be taken without attracting attention. Their discreet nature allows consumers to take them anywhere and at any time.

Rapid onset: The capsules are made from a material that easily dissolves when ingested. This releases the contents, whereby they are absorbed into the bloodstream. This all takes between 20 to 30 minutes.

High bioavailability: The ingredients are ground into a fine powder that easily penetrates into the bloodstream. As a result, most of the Cordyceps, psilocybin, and Lions Mane make it to the system for optimum results.


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